SolarWinds (SWI) company Librato is expanding its real-time cloud monitoring for AWS applications with a new solution designed to make it easier for managed service providers (MSPs) "to transform thousands of data points into relevant and actionable information about application performance."

Librato this week rolled out its Spaces analytics user interface (UI) for its Librato by SolarWinds Cloud solution at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in San Francisco. It's aimed at a space that MSPs and other IT service providers are finding it imperative to address -- managing applications and services provided by third-party clouds.

Librato by SolarWinds Cloud delivers real-time cloud monitoring for AWS apps, Librato noted, to help users resolve problems and prioritize metrics and alerts.

MSPs can leverage the solution to gather metrics directly from Amazon services, summarize raw data and use this information to better manage their customers' cloud operations, Librato said.

The Spaces UI helps users analyze data, according to Librato, because it allows them to create charts based on events, metrics and other information.

"As cloud applications grow increasingly complex and critical to business operations, traditional monitoring tools have become insufficient," Gerardo A. Dada, SolarWinds Cloud's vice president of product marketing and strategy, said in a prepared statement. "The new Librato Spaces offers cloud developers a deep understanding of their constantly changing infrastructure, enabling them to compare key metrics over time, manage complexity, understand what drives performance and solve problems faster."

SolarWinds acquired Librato in January, and Dada told MSPmentor that SolarWinds Cloud plans to build "the most powerful integrated monitoring stack for modern cloud applications."

He pointed out that SolarWinds Cloud is increasing its investment in Librato "to accelerate innovation with a sharp focus on cloud applications running on AWS, (Microsoft) Azure and other clouds."

In addition, Dada said SolarWinds Cloud will integrate the capabilities of Pingdom, a Swedish performance management and website monitoring solution that SolarWinds acquired in June, with Librato to deliver "full-stack monitoring."